USB Pen drive

Sleek and stylish with a metallic/ chrome finish the simple yet classy USB pen drive is a favourite among corporate South Africa. Existing and potential clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the USB that presents a dual functionality without coming across as a cheap novelty that a standard plastic ballpoint pen might provide, as it has a cleverly concealed USB at the back of the pen. It has a real business classy feel to it as the USB pen drive is metallically designed with a shiny and new sensation and the client will use its other function as well, as it also provides the obvious function to be used as a pen in an ink of your choice.

The USB pen drive has the option to be engraved or printed on in 1-4 colours which will remind your client as to where they received that fantastic USB pen drive.

A wide range of different designs of the USB pen drive are available so you have a classy pen of your choice together with your engraved or printed design to maximise the marketing potential of the USB pen drive.

The printing or engraving that is used is highly durable and can withstand day to day usage that is expected of a standard pen.

The additional flash memory that comes with the USB pen flash drive provides you the ability to present a multitude of individual files that your client will be able to view and which allows you to further your presentation to the potential or existing client in a way that technology in the forms of visual and audio allows us to in this digital age.

Available capacities range from 1,2,4,8,16 and 32GB of flash which is Grade A chipset (MCL flash OEM), which is of high quality that can be normally expected of us here at Amstore.

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Several extraordinary packaging options are also available for the USB pen drive that of course will add that extra gift giving feeling when received by your client. The chosen packaging also has the additional branding space and professional feel when gifted to that potential or existing client.

Reward your clients with these tidily designed USB pen drives and allow the branding, dual functionality and specially chosen marketing material to do the rest.

For further information please feel free to contact us to hear more about the pen USB flash drive.

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