USB Business Cards

One great promotional gift that most people tend to overlook is a USB business cards or flash drive. This nifty gadget goes by with a lot of names such as jump drive, thumb drive or memory sticks. Whatever you call them, one thing is for sure, these gadgets are very helpful in storing or transferring data from different computers or devices. USB flash drives are lightweight, and very portable. Most can even be placed inside your pocket.

These easy to customize promotional gifts, are typically welcomed by most receivers unlike other promotional gifts that usually end up in the trash bin. Most would consider this item as not a throw away gift since they do find uses for such devices.

The new generation computers have already a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors built into them. This port is able to read and transfer data from multiple sources such as a memory stick, printer or mouse to name a few. Since most people today have some kind of computer, laptop or similar devices, then they will find your promotional gift useful.

Another great thing about USB flash cards as promotional gifts is that you can shape them to almost any novelty you like. Corporate executives who love to play gold at their spare time would surely appreciate receiving a USB drive that is shaped like a golf ball. It can even come with a kind of pin holder, and the USB drive can now act as a decoration on top being a digital storage device. If the receiver is fond of Mexican food, you can shape them as red chili pepper. You can also shape your USB drives according to the business you are in. For example, you can shame them as small airplanes if you are in the airline business.

These USB cards are highly printable with any text or logo, thus this you can also utilize them as a part of your branding campaign. However, to increase the affectivity of your branding when you pair it as a promotional gift, it is best that you shape them into something decorative so the receivers would display them in the open.

You have also the option of storing information on your USB flash drives before your give them away. You could store company information, employee future programs or anything you may think that is relevant. Since this stored information can be erased or replaced very easily, the receivers would not feel bothered with the idea.

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