Novelty USB

Uniquely shaped and available in such a wide selection comes Amstores novelty USB sticks. These USB’s stand out from the average USB or typical flyer and will impress that right person through its use. The distinctive shapes that these funky USB sticks come in are hugely advantageous when you are looking for that specially designed USB that can represent your company in relation to your specific business. Your existing or potential client will appreciate the design that your novelty USB is presented as and will create an instant connection in their mind as to the person from who they received it from and more specifically, the company from whom it was received, meaning more potential business for you.

The large variety of novelty USB’s allows you to choose a USB that will truly represent your business and together with the branding that is selected by you made from your supplied artwork encapsulates your novelty USB to further your marketing potential through a useful and functional tool. Branding options vary depending on the material of the novelty USB chosen as either engraving or 1-4 spot colour printing which are both highly durable and will not fade easily. USB’s are used on a day to day basis, so reward your existing or potential client, and give them your distinctive novelty USB and allow it to remind them of your company.

Capacities that are available range from 1,2,4,8,16 and 32GB of Grade A chipset (MCL flash OEM), which is high quality flash memory that will safely store that carefully crafted marketing material for your existing or potential clients viewing.

The novelty USB’s shape is a fantastic opportunity to embrace that custom feel that your existing or potential client will appreciate. The potential behind a novelty USB is massive and trifecta of the unique shape, the specific branding and the individual files all tie in to become a superior marketing tool that should be carefully considered.

Several packaging and accessory options are available for the presentation of your novelty USB to add an additional wow factor when received by your client. The more effort you put in to impress the more business you can potentially get out.

For any queries you may have please feel free to contact us here at Amstore and let our friendly and helpful staff do the rest.

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