Novelty USB

The standard USB is always a fantastic marketing product they you are able to share with your client to advertise your brand, but there is more than one way to market yourself in the micro-advertising forum.

We have built up a wide range of novelty custom USBs that are able to offer a unique experience to the functionality of a USB. Its dual ability to present as a recognizable everyday object, that doubles as a USB. It is a talking point waiting to happen.

People are hardwired to notice things that are out of the ordinary, anything different comes under the spotlight of conversations (like our funky USB sticks). It is this difference that makes something stand out, makes it worthy of more than a brief glance, it is this difference that we all strive to attain which makes us unique, an individual in a crowd.

Our novelty USB range aims to offer you just that.

We recognise the innate primal instinct of every person to show something that is – lets face it – out of the ordinary. Together with your branded identity on the USB, our novelty range can really offer your company brand the chance to be utilised between people as not just a conversation starter, but a chance to create a business opportunity for your company.

Amstore’s novelty range. It’s different, just like your company, and just like what your company can offer.

Branding options and USB storage sizes are available in a wide variety, give us a call today to find out more.

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