Environmentally Friendly Eco USB Drives made from Wood & Bamboo

Wood is one of the most abundant and useful resources available to man. Why not show your client that you care about the environment and choose to go with the wooden made and of course environmentally friendly eco USB drive. In this age we cannot afford to ignore the environment and manufactured USBs that are made from such a renewable resource is just one small way for us to do our part while enjoying the fruits technology has to offer.

It can be made from the fastest growing and amply available bamboo material that is available in 4 different shades or alternatively in wood which is available in 5 different shades. Where bamboo is chosen as the material for the eco-friendly USB drives, it must be noted the environment is protected through the growth of this material as bamboo is matured easily in a short period of only 3 years when it can be harvested and carefully crafted into the end product of the eco USB drive for you to present to that existing or potential client. All these amazing advantages to this material, while it assists the environment through its absorption of carbon dioxide and mitigation of pollution due to its high consumption of nitrogen, makes bamboo an extremely attractive material for the eco USB drives manufacture.

The wood is carefully crafted and finished to depict its beautiful design to offer that professional and unique look that only wood crafted items can offer. The eco USB drive has multiple options for branding including a 1-4 colour print and the favourite option of engraving to forever imprint the impressive USB with your chosen branding.

Available capacities range from 1,2,4,8,16 and 32GB of Grade A chipset (MCL flash OEM) which means high quality, where your information for the existing or potential client can be preloaded for their viewing through the USB port on the chosen device that supports that function.

Packaging options as well as accessories for the eco USB drive are available in a wide variety to improve the transportation and presentation of your chosen eco USB drive. Eco friendly packaging is also available for the exhibition of the eco USB drive that can also be branded on as required.

Show your client that you care about the environment as much as you care about their business with the environmentally friendly USB drive range made from wood and bamboo. Please feel free to contact our staff with any queries or orders that you may have.

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