Custom USB Stick - Bulk and business card flash drives

Sleek and stylish with a custom USB finish, the simple yet classy USB drive is a favorite among corporate and promo South Africa. Existing and potential clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the custom made USB that presents a dual functionality without coming across as a cheaper novelty that a standard USB Drive model might provide, as it has a cleverly concealed USB as in some cases the USB looks like a toy. It has a real business classy feel to it as the USB uniquely designed.

The materials vary from the most popular materiel the silicon Rubber (PVC) to Metal, wood and ABS plastic custom USB stick

People are using these data savers for virtually everything these days. They copy photos, school projects, business information, music, movies and all sorts of entertainment on the sticks. They back up data on their computers and cell phones with them. Most people carry one around with them at all times just like they would with a cell phone because they’re constantly downloading things on to it.

For such a popular item, people can now add some character to their custom USB stick. They can make them into virtually any shape imaginable, with a rainbow of colors to choose from. They can make them look like their school mascot, logos from their favourite sports teams or artists, and even put their name on it. Best of all, these can be ordered wholesale in bulk, and save them a ton of money instead of buying the sticks at retail prices. They’re not cheap when bought at the local electronic stores.

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For those savvy entrepreneurs out there, they could even turn this into a side business selling them retail to other people. A college student living on campus could easily offload these memory sticks in a single weekend. That could cover the cost of books for the entire semester, and give them some food money to boot. Since they’re ordered online, and in bulk, they can even make for an excellent present during the holiday season. In fact, they’re a relatively inexpensive way to get gifts for everyone that they’ll actually enjoy and use instead of the usual presents that get stuffed away in a closet never to be seen again.

The custom USB stick is transforming the way people are viewing these trending items. Life has plenty of boring stuff in it, but these digital data savers don’t have to be one of them.

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