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Amstore values its clients and has taken note of the popular USB’s that are requested. With this in mind we have an in house stock of popular and top selling USB’s that can be readily made available within a short time period of only 2-3 days! These USB’s are popular with our clients, which means that they are popular with the people that receive them; an invaluable marketing census that has taken place before the first consideration of the desired USB is even made! When that short deadline exists and a comprehensive client friendly marketing idea is needed, our popular range of USB’s has got you covered.

Our micro in-stock range are extremely convenient and highly desirable as a key ring attachment which will enjoy constant usage, as it will be readily available to the potential user of the USB, right there upon their keys. Additionally we have the micro paper clip USB, excellent to attach to documents when you need to get that extra bit of digital information across to your clients.Small in physical size, but loaded with large potential for your marketing material.

Our twister USB is another favourite among clients that come packed in a plastic gift box together with a lanyard. These can be either engraved or printed on one side from your supplied artwork

The business card USB is perhaps the most popular of our extensive range that we have available as it easily maintains the professional feel that is necessary in the business world due to the large branding space available to be printed on, on both sides of the card, coupled with the awesome USB functionality. It presents itself as being a wallet compatible, classy and a useful promotional item.

Finally we have the eco/wood USB in stock, manufactured from the amazing renewable resource of bamboo. This item has enjoyed fantastic reception as it promotes the essential environmental awareness necessary in our digital age, and it has a crafted, sleek, bamboo finish amounting to a true masterpiece USB. It can be engraved or printed on in 1-4 colours.

Our flash drives are grade A, OEM, MLC chip sets only: such as Hynix, Samsung, Micron and Toshiba which carry a one year warranty and are available in 4 and 8GB. These USB’s will be a shrine to your data, let your clients see the finesse with which you present your company, and order from us today.

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