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It’s great to make a first impression, but what about making a memory that lasts? What can you put into a prospect’s hand that will keep you in their mind always?

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Benefits of being a re-seller:

  • Get competitive pricing
  • Free standard Data pre-Loading (supplied any time during the production process, even the day before delivery)
  • Free Data locking (required at point of manufacture)
  • Unbranded DATA sheets of our products with options of having your logo and contact details added if required.
  • Make use of our professional designs / images and most importantly our extensive knowledge on products and services
  • Receive notifications about specials ,promotions, new products and software updates and services
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Interested in becoming a reseller?

Although branded post-it notes, pens, and similar items may end up on a desk, clever use of USB sticks and other USB memory items can prove useful to promote your brand, company, or offer. People carry these items with them every day to take their work with them and to share their media with friends and colleagues.

Although memory sticks are very common, your use of a custom stick and its content can make your presentation or offer stand out in customer’s minds. These days, memory and content can take as many shapes as your creative mind allows.

Resellers of USB stick can now mold physical shapes based on your designs as well as print your logo, name and contact information on the outside. Your content can be pre-loaded onto the stick as well so your customers and prospects will carry your useful application, presentation, information with them. Ideally, they will continue to use the memory you gave them and remember your company with each use.

USB wholesalers now offer a wide range of memory-related products, which may include the following:

  • Promotional Flash Drives finished in metal, plastic, leather or wood casings.
  • Memory Cards (SD, Mini-SD, Micro SD, MMC, CF).
  • Your brand of Mp3/mp4 players.
  • Digital photo frames.
  • USB Business cards.
  • Digital Keys.

Uses for these promotional gifts are many. Here are a few ideas:

  • Your company provides a useful information-dense presentation. Notes, references, and collateral information may be given away to participants on your custom usb stick.
  • Custom branded mp3/mp4 players may provide additional audio or video content to add value to your proposition, or be made available as an upsell to your live content.
  • Digital photo frames may provide a good-will reminder or thank you stay on a customer’s desk for an extended period.
  • Digital Business cards combine the reliability of traditional print with the utility of USB memory.
  • Digital Keys can send your prospects directly to your website or provide other value unique to your target audience.
  • Used properly, branded usb drives and similar items can help to keep you in front of your clients for a long time to come.
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