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No matter the industry, a business should never be known by the word “boring.” As businesses expand it is often the case that they will undertake a campaign of customisation and logo recognition. This includes hardware and capital that is used within the company itself. Employees can often feel an increased degree of loyalty with custom made hardware that reflects the company’s mascot, logo or inspirational focus.

A promotional company like ours can take a piece of equipment like a flash drive, or memory stick and fashion it to look like anything your business desires. This is a great way to advertise what your company is about. It’s a universe beyond handing out free writing utensils with a name and phone number on it. Like pens, everyone uses memory sticks and flash drives. What if they were reminded of your company every time they used one?

The process is as simple as sending us an artistic idea of what you would like your custom hardware to feature. We take that image and create a digital 3D rendering of it. This process is much like what movie animators do to bring everyone’s favourite characters to life on the big screen.

Once an image is perfected we send it back to you for approval and editing. As a world class promotional company, we want you to be absolutely satisfied with your custom made devices. When you give us the “go ahead” we will produce and ship your personalised devices at an extremely affordable rate.

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This promotional company can even upload start-up information onto devices like flash drives and memory sticks that further remind your customers of your business’s service and mission. Custom made hardware also has the incredible ability to become a valued object. If a customer forms a bond with their custom hardware, they will be less likely to lose it. They can keep your logo or mascot close at all times. As an innovative promotional company we want to help your business be seen and loved in as many ways that it can. With digital media production, new types of promotions are easy and cost-effective. Call us today!

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