Why choose branded USB drives?

The power of branding is an incredible tool that we have discovered to create a self-identity of our products and our company brand, which we are able to project onto our conscious existence and the feeling of comfort that a certain brand can bring.

The truth of it, is that we all have a favourite something… it is a never ending battle of the mind to choose what is worthy of being projected onto our conscious self-identity.

Our Branding Options

Full Colour Print

(Digital CMYK)

CMYK consists of 4 colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and lastly Black. With these 4 colours theoretically there are more than 4 billon shades that can be achieved. Digital printing is the best option for images with gradients and full colour photo visuals. We strongly recommend this process for our USB Business cards / USB Credit Card as the large surface area of these cards are like those of a standard paper business card so it lends itself very well to full colour visuals. This process is great for smaller USB flash drive projects from 25 units plus

Screen Printing

(Printing with a stencil)

A print made using a stencil process in which an image or design is superimposed on a very fine mesh screen and printing ink is squeezed onto the printing surface through the area of the screen that is not covered by the stencil. PMS or otherwise known as Pantone colours must be used for important artwork/Logo colour matching requirements. This is our most commonly used branding method for most of our USB models and USB packaging options

Litho Printing


Litho printing USBs are printed at a much higher resolution than silk screening but doesn’t print Pantone colour 100%, this printing technique allows your USB to contain much more of a detailed photographic quality image and or logo. It’s much like CMYK Digital and is better for your larger USB flash drive projects of around 500 plus units.

Dome Decal or Labels

(Dome Risen)

Dome Decal’s can be applied to any flat and clean surface, Our Domes are printed using the CMYK process as spoken about above onto a vinyl sheet which is dye cut to the shape of your custom logo or shape. Once dye cut, we apply a special dome resin which is then poured on to the dye cut outs. Once hardened it leaves a gloss fresh look for your image and is very robust.

Laser Engraving

(Fiber laser)

Laser engraving is a very accurate and neat branding method, used only on metal USB flash drives, Eco USB flash drive and USB packaging of the same material leaving a professional yet elegant finish. Using state of the art fiber technology we position your logo as and where you require via a dedicated computer and infra red alignment tools. With Fiber laser you can adjust the intensity of the laser giving you a range of light to dark engravings. Light being the most popular.

Debossing / Embossing

(Raised or Recessed)

These two words have had many a person confused , The method of Debossing is creating a recess image of your logo on materials such as Leather USBs and Embossing is where you create a raised image of your logo on leather USBs. The more commonly used process is the debossing process where you take a stamp with your image or Logo engraved on it, its then heated and with a force it is pressed into the leather material.

Lead-time on Branding USB Flash Drives

Express Service

For those smaller quantities from 25 units, we do carry in house stock on the popular USB models in the market. The express service is broken up into two parts.

2-3 working day lead-time
4-5 working day lead-time

For the in-house stock USB’s, depending on material we only offer the Digital (CMYK) Print and the laser Fiber engraving as these are the fastest and most affordable for smaller and quicker project

Click on the button below to contact us for our stock USB with branding options.

Standard Service

The standard service ranges from:

1. 8-10 working day lead-time to
2. 10-14 working day lead-time

Depending on the USB model you choose and the branding method. The longer lead-time is also as these USB flash drives are made to order. This is awesome as you are not only able to custom brand your USB but you can also custom colour the housing of certain USB models making it a true custom USB to match your corporate identity / colour. For the longer lead-time we offer Silk screen, Litho, engraving and Embossing/Debossing of USs

Lead-time on Custom USB Flash Drives

Bespoke USBs

Custom USB are just the BEST, if you have time to produce a truly unique USB, You just have to go down this route. The simple yet key benefit is that it delivers long-term USB branding opportunities with their higher perceived value and widespread use. Client keep them, re-use and brag out them to potential client and or their colleagues.

The lead-time for a custom (Bespoke) USBs is as follows:

2D / 3D | 2-3 weeks

This lead-time can either be shorten or extended depending on the amount of details you wish to include. So the more branding and if it complex may take a little longer than a simple plain USB.

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