Why choose branded USB drives?

The power of branding is an incredible tool that we have discovered to create a self-identity of our products and our company brand, which we are able to project onto our conscious existence and the feeling of comfort that a certain brand can bring.

The truth of it, is that we all have a favourite something… it is a never ending battle of the mind to choose what is worthy of being projected onto our conscious self-identity.

USB’s fall into exactly the same category. A branded USB, your branded USB, the more exciting and different it is, creates that comfort in your brand.

The array of branding options available inclusive of full colour print on the business card range, engraving on metal and wood, and 1-4 spot pantone colour branding available on all ranges creates a limitless sphere of potential possibilities for your brand to shine on a USB.

The micro-advertising ability of a USB which stems from it functionality and portability, coupled with your exclusive brand is so powerful and unique, and it maintains the ability to fall into a person’s list of ‘favourites’.

A full list of our available options of USBs can be viewed here.

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